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What is Text To  Survey?

Getting Data Has Gotten Harder,


Until Now.

The polling industry has changed.


At one time, things were simpler. Your clients could call landlines - a device that everyone had to have, and many people were happy to share their opinion when they were called by a computer or a stranger.  


One thing that has not changed is that people have an innate desire to contribute, be heard, and make a difference.  People naturally get excited about being a part of something they feel is important.


These days, however, landlines are being phased out and there is a significant increase in spam and robocalls. As a result, people are picking up their phones less and less. This aversion has made it difficult for pollsters to reach people, fill their clusters, and get accurate data, thus raising the cost of polling considerably and shaking up the industry.


Today, we are recreating this excitement, boosting engagement amongst the public, and gathering opinions in a brand new way.


Sure, you have seen automated text surveys, that require opt-ins, and aren’t always easy to interpret. And yes, you’ve seen links sent via text, that some people are too scared to click, don’t always have the internet to access, or simply forget about when another notification comes along.


But what the world has yet to see is a truly immersive and engaging polling experience that starts with a real person connecting with another real person. Building a relationship, clearly understanding one another, and getting the most accurate results. The world has yet to realize that the power to change the world is at their fingertips. Anywhere, anytime.


And the time is now.


How It Works

In 3 Easy Steps

Talk to an account manager, give them your survey goals and contact list. If you don't have a list, we've got you covered. 

Your account manager will build your survey,  and our highly trained live agents will conduct your entire survey.

Our QC team will verify the neutrality  and accuracy of the data, and we will get reports to you within 24 hours of completion.


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